COVID Policies

Leanne Vriesema Uncategorized

Hi!  I thought it would make sense to add a little information here about my sanitation practices.  I have always, and will always abhor germs.  Kids have always carried germs.  I have always added soap to all of my waters to kill germs.  Every time I spray or dip a brush, we’re getting a little soap in there.  We use isopropyl alcohol to prepare the skin prior to applying henna or glitter tattoos.

We are also very firm about not painting guests that are ill.  I have had the difficult task of telling children that I cannot paint them due to illness.  Over the years, I’ve seen feverish kids, coughing kids, eye infection kids, cold sore kids, and each one I have to gently tell that I cannot paint them.  It’s not something that I enjoy, but safety always has come first.

While there is a mask mandate, we require mask wearing for all public events.  Private parties for family “pods” are a little different—the artist will wear a mask, but the patrons don’t necessarily need to, unless it makes them more comfortable.

Prior to entering our work area, we ask that guests sanitize their hands and we try to limit the number of “spectators” who are watching us apply our art.

If you’d like to hire a Stellar Artist, but are worried about germs, please give us a call to discuss your concerns.  We’ve been painting for several months now and I’m doing everything I can to keep Stellar a squeaky clean business.