About Our Paints

We use only FDA compliant, cosmetic-grade, non-toxic, face paints and supplies. Ask us about our cruelty-free products and paints!
About Our Henna

Natural Henna stain is a wonderful experience and can be a great time with friends during teen and adult parties. The Henna stain matures to a beautiful red or reddish brown tattoo on the skin after oxidation; generally within 24 to 48 hours. The longer the Henna paste remains in contact with the skin before removal, the richer the color.  Natural Henna tattoos are safe, fun and the beautiful design usually lasts one or two weeks. Stellar Face and Body Henna artists use only natural products and pure essential oils.

Please note that “Black Henna” is not a plant-based material and is actually a chemical dye called Para-phenylenediamine (PPD).  Stellar Artists will never use PPD on any client.

Face and Body Art Removal

To remove face and body paint, please apply a mild soap to the painted area and lather.  Rinse with warm, clear water until all paint is removed.  If any color pigment remains on the skin, apply a gentle make-up remover.

Body adhesive can be removed by applying a 90% isopropyl alcohol, or either olive oil, baby oil or other natural oil to the skin surface.  These products will degrade the adhesive and the glue residue can then be removed by gently rinsing the skin surface.  Please do not scrub or pick off glitter tattoos.