COVID Policies

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Hi!  I thought it would make sense to add a little information here about my sanitation practices.  I have always, and will always abhor germs.  Kids have always carried germs.  I have always added soap to all of my waters to kill germs.  Every time I spray or dip a brush, we’re getting a little soap in there.  We use …

Summer time butterfly face painting

Everyone Loves Face Painting!

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You know the drill, you’re at a family friendly event, your kids see other kids running around as tigers and pirates and flowers painted on their faces and they tug on your arm begging to have their faces painted too! You look over at the line, sigh and then wait patiently for your little ones to be next. The line is usually …

Who Invented Face Painting?

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The short answer is that I have no idea! But what I do know is that based on articles I’ve read, that humans have been decorating ourselves for thousands of years. In ancient times, warriors decorated themselves before battles. The art and culture of henna has a long, rich history. So, why? I think it’s because it creates excitement and …